festival laurels

Professional Reviews

>> The Film Prospect says A Sort of Homecoming is a "charming and touching film".

>> Richard Propes of The Independent Critic calls us an "involving and entertaining film".

>> Blogger One Film Fan writes, "people need to view this indie feature from director Maria Burton and writer/producer Lynn Reed."

>> Hollywood News Source review says A Sort of Homecoming is an "engaging story that unfolds nicely and is told well".

Audience Reviews

Film Festival Awards

WorldFest Houston

Gold Award for Best Dramatic Feature
Rising Star Award for Laura Marano
(read Laura's reaction)

Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

Best Director award for Maria Burton

Breckenridge Film Festival

Best Supporting Actress for Kathleen Wilhoite

Omaha Film Festival

Honorable Mention Jury Award
(second highest jury honor)

Cayman International Film Festival

Nominated for Best Feature